Copper Mask Large

SKU: CFM2102



Copper mask (outer) 1, ATB-UV+ mask (inner) 1

Outer: Polyolefine 98%, Copper 2% (VForce antimicrobial copper compounded fabric)
Inner: Polyester 92%, Polyurethan 8% (ATB-UV+ fabric)

Made in Korea

- Two layer face mask (Double protection!)
- Copper mask (outer): micro-sized copper compounded antimicrobial mask
- ATB-UV+ mask (inner): nano-level silver-ion infused antiviral mask
- Semi-permanent antimicrobial effect
- Adjustable earloop

- Deodorization effect: ordor preventing effect
- UV Protection: protect skin from UV rays
- Quick Drying: rapid moisture drying capabilities to maintain comfort
- Water Repellent: works as a barrier with great water repellency
- US FDA Registered (No. 3017252644)

How to Care
Wash hand wearing for the first time
Hand wash & hang to dry
Do not bleach, press, iron, or steam
Wash after every wear
Replace the inner mask if needed

Size Specs
W 4.5" X H 5.7" Women's Size (Adult L)

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